November 06, 2008

Football Over

Lucy pulled the football away from Charlie Brown last night.  By that I mean our boys lost in district play and will not be going to State playoffs.  We won our first district game last week and last night played a team we beat on our first game of the year.  Sadly, it just wasn't meant to be and we lost 28-6.  The weather was horrific:  cold, 40 mph winds, moist, did I mention COLD!  We were playing at the opponents field.  Ironically...NOT...the wind was blowing directly into our faces.  We were unable to move the ball in any way.   Andrew was allowed to "suit up" for the game even though it has been only 6 weeks since his surgery and of course would not be allowed to play.  I thought that was nice they let him suit up.  Even though, me, his mom, was unaware he was suiting up.  I kept looking and looking and looking for him.  I even wondered...did he miss the bus?  Where in the hell is that kid?  Finally, I saw two legs and two braces on those two legs, peeping out from under one of the large all weather coats the team dons in rain etc.  ANDREW!!  Found.   I wish I could have gotten a picture of him and Alec together in their uniforms.  I had no camera though.  

Now, it's on to wrestling.  Andrew is not cleared for any activities until January.  You cannot even tell he had surgery 6 weeks ago.  He walks normally and never complains of pain or aches.  It will be hard for him to wait.  But, the graft is very friable at this time and could be easily torn if he doesn't have patience.  Pray for patience for him and us.  It could be a long season.

This morning I felt strangely good.  Strangely fresh and happy.  Happier than I'd been in a long time.  I don't know why.  

Now...I feel blue.  Blue and stupid and crappy.  

I almost crave a big blue long  depression.  NO not Big Blue Long...something else.  ha ha  no thanks.

I wish I could stay home tomorrow and lay on the couch and watch TV and have someone bring me 7-up and orange juice and make me beef and noodles.  I wish I would get a present, flowers, something out of the ordinary.  I just want to stay home and brood and stay in my pajamas all day.  


I spose I won't...but it's tempting.

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