November 24, 2008

Ode To Brian and Michael and Piss Off To Remakes!

A night for watching old movies and wishing to eat sick buttered popcorn with salt and cheese and drinking beer until I buzz, my faithful dog Petey by my side.  

aah well

at least Petey is here...and "Brian's Song" is on.  Sadly, the popcorn is on the back burner not because I don't have it because the damn hulls get behind my bridge and oh yeah...I'M ON A FREAKING DIET!!!  and I'M AT A PLATEAU!  My son explained this to me and that I needed to "up my exercise" and "take in less calories" as I rolled my eyes and  muttered things like "shut up" and "thank you Mr. Know It All" and "Bite Me!".  

Of course, the movie is a remake.  I can't believe they even thought they had to remake Brian's Song.  I did learn something tonight.  Brian's buddy Gale was from Omaha Central, Nebraska.  


I liked the "real" movie better.  Remakes generally suck.

Mark is doing well.  He had a right inguinal hernia repair on Thursday and is recovering well.  It will be a long road I think.  Mark seems to think he can go to work tomorrow.   I hate to think of it.  He has 14 staples across his groin.  And has to walk holding his crotch like Michael Jackson.  All he needs to do is shriek and do a moon walk.  I bet he lasts 2 hours at the most...and that is 2 hours too many in my opinion.  

Anyway, I need to go to bed.

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