November 20, 2008

Parenting Blues

I can't get over the fact that our daughter told us she didn't want to go back to college this last weekend.  She is a sophomore.  She is studying El Ed I believe.  If, in fact, she is even going to classes.  Last year she studied Sports Medicine, became disillusioned with that, changed to El Ed and now this.   She just want to work at Chuckie Cheese.  I asked her, "For the rest of your life?".  To which she replied, "Right now at least!".  



I just can't get over what a waste of her brain.  god, I just think her talents would be soRaising  much better used elsewhere.  I know she is a hard worker.  She has always been able to work her ass off and function.  But I absolutely hate to see her give up a chance at a career for this.  Plus the fact she is a manager and makes CRAP for wages and just, stays there.

I don't know what Mark and I did wrong.  We seem to have done something to alienate her, push her away, make her want nothing like the life we tried to give her.  

nothing from us

She says

We have been helping her with rent, phone etc.  Now that will stop.  She wants to do it on her own.  And she will be.   I hope she can make enough to pay her bills.    Now that she will no longer be a student we will have to get her another health insurance policy.  shit



If we left that up to her she probably wouldn't get any.  Also, she has a high risk auto insurance and we will pay that because she probably would go without.  Other than that...she's gonna do it.  Her student loans will come due if she is out of add that onto the pile.  

She moved in with her boyfriend, whom I like very much.  The apartment is safe, warm, small and cute.  I am pleased she is there and not the edge of the ghetto where she was.  

pleased with the safety issue at least.

One only wants their child to be safe, warm, happy and productive.  I worry about the productive part now.  


and I wonder if she thinks or cares about us at all...

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