December 17, 2008

Cliff Notes

Been busy as most with the stuff of life. Work, kids, work, kids, games. Mark had an inquinal hernia repair and recovered well. He also had to take a IVP test, to look at the function of his kidneys and that turned out alright. Alec has been sick with the flu. Mark has had the cough. You get the idea.
I'm not at all ready for Christmas and I don't expect to be any time soon. I've ordered items online for gifts and I've not had a chance to go shopping. I'm going to stick to kind of basic need things this year. I say that now but next week on Monday I may get desperate.
I've fallen off the wagon on my diet, well, mostly my exercising. Not just because of the holidays but I injured myself. On Thanksgiving weekend I decorated the shop, and as per par, I a very high chair, twice! Anyway, I think I tore something in my knee. It doesn't seem to want to work right. I haven't went to the Dr yet because I know he will send me to the Ortho and then they will want to scope it and I will have to be on crutches and I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT!! So...I won't bitch anymore about it. I did try to walk on my eliptical last went okay only.
I read a few of the Christmas letters we got and I got depressed. I got this set of vintage Christmas postcards I was going to send but when I sat down to write them...I felt like a tacky asshole. Just couldn't get the words right, too little space...too weird. I just won't send any again.
My skin is dry yet I keep growing zits. pisses me off
I'm tired. Must quit writing.

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