January 22, 2009

Bawl Baby Crippled Ass

Okay...today I had a day off in like...I don't know...a long time.  A day where I could sleep in, stay home and clean house, watch TV, get groceries, make a nice supper, vacuum...whatever.  It was strange.  Sadly, my back was totally screwed, my knee was freaking squeaking and I had a nice caffeine withdrawal headache.  As the day went on, my headache got worse.  I even took medicine.  yah...you know it's bad if I take medicine.  Soooo....I moved all the furniture in the living room and vacuumed and dusted while I watched a movie I'd never seen before.  Freedom Writers.  And guess what?  I CRIED.  geeze....my hormones must be totally out of whack.  God.  Crying over a movie.  Next thing you know I'll be crying over a commercial.  yuck  I also...took a 2 hour nap.  I slept in the recliner downstairs last night and I will be sleeping there tonight.  My back is totally screwed up.  Our bed is NOT GOOD FOR MY BACK.  The only place I've ever slept and slept well and never ever woke up with a back ache is EMBASSY SUITES.  Their mattresses are from THE DENVER MATTRESS COMPANY.  I am THIS close to just googling them and ordering a new bed online.  I mean seriously...it will be worth it.  I hate to think of having to get up and go to work tommorow.  I dont' know if I can.  DUHHHH!!  I have to.

shit...sometimes it SUPER SUCKS TO BE THE BOSSS.

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