January 10, 2009

Oh Mighty MantyHose...Shazaaaam!

[caption id="attachment_1774" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Oh Mighty Mantyhose"]Oh Mighty Mantyhose[/caption]


I found this article about male pantyhose and was a bit in awe.  The picture alone is worth a second glance or two.  My boys wear under armour "shorts" instead of the famous ass baring jocks that the boys wore in "my day" but I don't really know if they would wear these.  I'm going to ask them soon.  In fact, maybe I'll ask them at the wrestling match this morning.   They may really really want to visit with me about male hose while at a testosterone strewn gym.  grin  Okay Okay I probably won't do it.  I do care for my boys safety.   

I've been posting some on face-book only for the reason that I love to play word scramble.  So, not much posting here at all.  Things are okay.  Andrew has started wrestling.  ACL and all.  This will be his second meet.  He is having to lose weight and Alec is having to gain weight.  Supper time here is a BITCH!  Mostly everybody is in a bad mood.  Alec sometimes oblivious to the gaunt cheeks of his older brother eats 3 or 4 peanut butter sandwiches as an hors de'vours and Andrew has one celery stick on his plate.  I hate it.  Both boys now have girl friends.  Yes, my 14 soon to be 15 has a cute little girlie.  AGHHH  I've given the keep the pickle in the pocket talk again.  Much to his dismay and extreme embarrassment.   ha HA  I must get my kicks anyway I can.  Well, gotta go nap a little before the 1 hour trek to the all day wrestling meet.

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