February 13, 2009

Get Over Here Now!

Tomorrow is a big day.  First, donuts, coffee, the usual Free Loader Friday thing at the shop.  Then it's off to North Platte for wrestling districts.  The matches start around 5:30 tomorrow night then continue Saturday.  The boys leave around 10:30 tomorrow.  It's a 1 1/2 hour trip for most.  Mark usually makes in 1 hour.  Speed is his friend.   One bad thing going on...the weather.  There is a BIG ASS PREDICTION hear the scary music?  that we will be smashed with a 9 inch snow storm.  Yes, I said 9 and inch and SNOW...not HOE...keep your mind out of the gutter people!  Soooo it's going to be fun.  I still haven't found anyone to "sit" with Petie.  I mean, he tends to bark and bite at all people right before he pisses on their unsuspecting coat.  But only if they don't hang their coat up.  So, I guess that might be called fair game.  Right?  Do you want to house sit Pissin' Petie?  If so...let me know right away.  I have chicken and noodles and mac and cheese and other  old  foodstuffs in my fridge, Irish Cream, stale kettle chips, 2 beers, a big screen TV....not totally "Big" as in "BIG" but still...it's a nice sized one...and and a mewling Cat and a Pissin Dog.    Any takers?  Going One...Going Twice...SOLD...TO YOU!

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