February 27, 2009

Good Thing I Cleaned The Toilet

I'm home from the shop.  Alec called me and said he had a terrible headhache and so of course I came home to check on him.  He was almost writhing witht he pain.  Unusual for him.  I checked him for a fever, slight, gave him Motrin, got him a blankie, cleaned the toilet....and waitied.  About 10 minutes after I was there he loped into the toidy and hurled.  I came up behind him with a wet washcloth after he was done and then he gagged and sneezed and coughed and sneezed and both of us got to laughing and I asked "What next?  Shit your pants?".  We roared at that.  I know, we are weird. Anyway, I'm just watching him sleep and waiting.  I don't know what for.  I always worry when he has a pain.  I mean I do with all the kids it's just that with him I always think of when he had those tumors removed from his leg and...I don't know...I always think he has something worse than he does.  It's my damn nature.  Pathetic.  I wish I wasn't this way but I can't help it.

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phx said...

aww you're a good mom. :)