February 05, 2009

Letter To Toe Jeter...I mean Jo Teter


How are you? I am fine. I have been busy. Are you busy? How are the horses? Do they like the cold weather? I do not like cold weather. My dog is fine. My cat threw up yesterday but I think she is just bulimic. So she needs therapy. Other than that she is fine. My animals do not have fleas. Someone I know has a cat that had fleas so badly she DIED. The cat, not the person that owned the cat. I guess the vet had to put her "down" so that means she was killed by fleas. Do your horses get fleas? Have you ever had fleas? I know someone who had a cow that had warts in it's ears as big as a fist. They cut them out and it was gross. I told that person to please let me know if they ever had a warty cow again because I would LOVE to see a wart as big as a fist get sliced out of a cows ear. They haven't called me yet. I hope they do. That sounded TOTALLY SICK to me. If you ever get a wart as big as a fist I hope you give me a jingle. I could watch someone cut it out or I could try to cut it out. That would be awesome. Well, I gotta go now. I thought I would see if you are going to be in North Platte on Valentines weekend. District wrestling is there and a bunch of us are going to spend the night there and eat crab legs until we are sick and make a general mess at a place and get plastered. Consider this your invite to get "faced". You can bring a friend. We don't mind at all. Friday the 13th...if you aren't too scared. Slats, L Fart and Me so far will be there. So will the significant others...but you don't have to bring yours unless you have to. Can your daughter drive yet? If so, please bring her as well. We might need a driver. Well, better go and make a donut. Lurve, yur frend

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