February 23, 2009

Wowed and Sham Wowed and just plain BOGGLED!

First the "Wow!"
My son Alec did not win his matches to advance at the state tournament. However, in his defense I must say. He was the only freshman in his weight class. He had the least experience. The first match was won by a returning state champion(each year at a different weight class) who is going to wrestle at UNL. Alec was folded up like a letter and stuffed into an envelope. The second match was won by a sophmore that shot first and kept Alec on the defensive. Still, he made us proud! He "Wowed" us anyway with his determination to qualify for State. He improved daily. He never gave up. He always worked hard. He was determined to learn more and take away all he could with his experiences. He has goals that are realistic and attainable. Next year Alec will be ready for the big show. But even if he doesn't win a match...he will always "Wow" us.
Now for the Sham Wow AND the Boggled part.
The boys went up to the boys basketball game in McCook tonight. Mom and I spent the time working on Word Boggle. My mom cheating all along the way. I, making up words that I liked the sound or appearance of. We did not refer to a dictionary. This was "light hearted boggle" not manic boggle. About a half hour or so after the boys lost their ball game my boys rushed in excitedly with Andrew in the lead shouting, "Look what I got!", "Look what I got!". He held out a mashed cardboard box. It was labeled SHAM WOW. Good grief, my son wasted money on a damn Sham Wow! Of course we had to test the thing out. We found out the large orange colored "Sham" will suck up 3 cups of water instantly! It was cool. They loved it. They are both going to take one to school and use them for God only know what all. Probably to suck up all the water from the toilet. ugh...the mind BOGGLES!
I am expecting a phone call from the principal tomorrow.
I'll let you know!

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