March 30, 2009

Track Meet: Don Stine 09

[caption id="attachment_1838" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Team captures 1st"]Team captures 1st[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1837" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="First Track Meet "]First Track Meet [/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1836" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Andrew cleared the pole to net a 6th place"]Andrew cleared the pole to net a 6th place[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1835" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Alec get a 6th place with his low hurdle skills"]Alec get a 6th place with his low hurdle skills[/caption]

Out Like A Lion

March that is. Wind, steady, cold and fiercely growling will serenade us into April. That and my neighbors dog with his odd "beeping" bark. He sounds like he is barking with his nose plugged tightly, 30 feet in a tunnel. Never heard anything like it before. Can't say that now though. Pretty much an hourly occurance.
Mainly I've been working and doing the odd job around the home. Wallpapering my laundry room is proving difficult to finish for some reason. I do have some of my garden tilled. I'm not exactly thrilled that summer is almost here. Dread it in fact. Not my cup of tea. My house will be full of half empty bottles of pop, powerades, dirty plates, socks, shorts, gravelly carpets, candy wrappers, paper plates, dust - you get the picture.
Katie won't be coming home probably. She is ensnared in her job at the big Chuckie cheese Emporium. Mired in. As long as she is happy and paying her own bills I guess who am I to say anything. For that matter, she hardly gives me the time of day to say anything anyway. Whenever she calls or I call she has about 4 seconds of "talking" and then she's "got to go". I'm about SICK of that.
I'm crabby.
better go before I start ranting about something else...

March 16, 2009

Ohhh Sweet, Soft, Creamy Goodness

Holy Caramel Wet's a WINNER! Alec and I almost demolished a bag ourselves. We are going to make "Scotch a Roos" for our desert at the coffee shop tomorrow with them. GOOD stuff people. Must Try!

March 08, 2009

Tree Huggers

Et le chacalot a dit:
"Je voudrais être un yéti
Pour voler dans la nuit
Et m'envoler loin d'ici"
Mais le yéti a dit:
"Je veux être un monstre marin
Pour pouvoir sauter dans la mer
De tous les requins

March 07, 2009

Nix Stewie

Talked to Katie.  She couldn't get Stewie becaue he was to much a country dog.  Instead she got...Snickers aka Snookums.  I'll send a picture later.  He is a poodly type doggie.    I'll show a picutre later...when she sends me one.

March 04, 2009


Katie called me yesterday and said she was looking into getting a dog.  She really misses Pissin' Petie and she thinks it is time for a replacement pooch.  I think, hmmmm maybe not a good idea with an apartment but...oh well.  It's not mine.  She said she went to a pet shop a few blocks from her house and "played" with a puppy that was adorable.  The clerk told her that it was a lucky day as the pup was even on sale.  Remember those words.  On sale.  Katie was excited and asked "How much?" thinking $100 or less.  The clerk stated, without blinking, $799.00.  WTF!!????  Seriously?   For  A D O G.  Does this dog have a gold plated ass?  Katie said she about shit.  Needless to say, the pup stayed in the shop and Katie began to do a doggy search online.  She told me she'd e-mailed someone about a 5 year old rescued Jack Russell who's name is...STEWIE!  I love it.  Stewie.  I mean, what an awesome name.  I think it's  a match made in heaven.  I called Katie a couple times to see if she got good old Stewie.  No answer yet.

March 03, 2009


I just had a phone call from someone following an ambulance with her spouse inside and SHE helped ME with a little "teenager" problem.  After she told me about her spouse, I told her about my teenager problem.  I thought it might distract her and take her mind off the problems she was facing.   I reassured her, visited with her until she got to the hospital and she reassured telling me about the naughty things she did as a teenager...and laughing at me  ummmm yahhhhhhh  thanks....I think. 

In the words taken from one of my new favorite movies HOUSE BUNNY...SWEET BALLS!

March 01, 2009

Shirley K's New Espresso Delivery Van

[caption id="attachment_1808" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Shirley K's Coffee Shop Espresso Delivery Vehicle"]Shirley K's Coffee Shop Espresso Delivery Vehicle[/caption]

Get Home So I Can Go To Bed Hubby!

Mark got called out to fill some meds for someone around 1230 am.  He's been gone for an hour or so.  He said the ER had several patients lined up so it would be awhile.  However...I won't go to bed until he is home.  I just worry.  So...I wait.  I'm watching a show I TIVO'd...sort of and also reading some blogs.  I played word scrabble on facebook.  I chew my nails while doing it all and I think about drinking wine or something and then I don't...cuz I already did at like 8pm and it's like whiskey oclock now and I don't think we have Cola or I would have one.  damn  

The show I'm watching is depressing.  So of course I love it.  It's also subtitled.  I love that.  The lanquage is African but I don't know what dialect.

Mark's home!

Night night!