March 01, 2009

Get Home So I Can Go To Bed Hubby!

Mark got called out to fill some meds for someone around 1230 am.  He's been gone for an hour or so.  He said the ER had several patients lined up so it would be awhile.  However...I won't go to bed until he is home.  I just worry.  So...I wait.  I'm watching a show I TIVO'd...sort of and also reading some blogs.  I played word scrabble on facebook.  I chew my nails while doing it all and I think about drinking wine or something and then I don't...cuz I already did at like 8pm and it's like whiskey oclock now and I don't think we have Cola or I would have one.  damn  

The show I'm watching is depressing.  So of course I love it.  It's also subtitled.  I love that.  The lanquage is African but I don't know what dialect.

Mark's home!

Night night!

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