March 30, 2009

Out Like A Lion

March that is. Wind, steady, cold and fiercely growling will serenade us into April. That and my neighbors dog with his odd "beeping" bark. He sounds like he is barking with his nose plugged tightly, 30 feet in a tunnel. Never heard anything like it before. Can't say that now though. Pretty much an hourly occurance.
Mainly I've been working and doing the odd job around the home. Wallpapering my laundry room is proving difficult to finish for some reason. I do have some of my garden tilled. I'm not exactly thrilled that summer is almost here. Dread it in fact. Not my cup of tea. My house will be full of half empty bottles of pop, powerades, dirty plates, socks, shorts, gravelly carpets, candy wrappers, paper plates, dust - you get the picture.
Katie won't be coming home probably. She is ensnared in her job at the big Chuckie cheese Emporium. Mired in. As long as she is happy and paying her own bills I guess who am I to say anything. For that matter, she hardly gives me the time of day to say anything anyway. Whenever she calls or I call she has about 4 seconds of "talking" and then she's "got to go". I'm about SICK of that.
I'm crabby.
better go before I start ranting about something else...

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phx said...

:( Hopefully she'll start pining for some mom-daughter time soon. I know I can't go a few months w/o needing to see and spend time with my mom, just the 2 of us.

What is your favourite season?