March 04, 2009


Katie called me yesterday and said she was looking into getting a dog.  She really misses Pissin' Petie and she thinks it is time for a replacement pooch.  I think, hmmmm maybe not a good idea with an apartment but...oh well.  It's not mine.  She said she went to a pet shop a few blocks from her house and "played" with a puppy that was adorable.  The clerk told her that it was a lucky day as the pup was even on sale.  Remember those words.  On sale.  Katie was excited and asked "How much?" thinking $100 or less.  The clerk stated, without blinking, $799.00.  WTF!!????  Seriously?   For  A D O G.  Does this dog have a gold plated ass?  Katie said she about shit.  Needless to say, the pup stayed in the shop and Katie began to do a doggy search online.  She told me she'd e-mailed someone about a 5 year old rescued Jack Russell who's name is...STEWIE!  I love it.  Stewie.  I mean, what an awesome name.  I think it's  a match made in heaven.  I called Katie a couple times to see if she got good old Stewie.  No answer yet.

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