October 15, 2009

Fall into Fall, or falling

We've had a hectic few weeks.  Andrew ended up having another knee injury...yes...football related.  He had his knee scope done a day after my Mom had her left hip replaced.

A myriad of work related issues ie  very short on staff at the coffee shop and the surgeries of my Mom and Andrew put me into full over load.  Anyway, they both did well and it's three weeks now since they both got "worked on".  Mom is in her own home and though I stayed with her for a week, she has done well on her own and is gaining strength everyday.  Andrew has recovered quite well and we are just biding time waiting for his rehab to be done.  His senior year, football done.  8(  There are worse things though.  WE know this.  He will be able to wrestle...the hurdles might be a bit tricky, but who knows.  On a nice note...Andrew was the homecoming King.  We thought that was AWESOME!  Especially since he has spent the last 3 homecomings on crutches!

Work has settled a bit, though we are still a bit on the short side.  I'm having to cook a bit more and it's stressful to do that and all the rest of the things that go along with running a business.

We also got Katie moved into a new place and I LOVE IT.  It's an awesome place in the Old Market in Omaha.  She still likes her school very much and she has a GREAT radio voice.  We are proud of her.

We are now the proud parents of a 6 year old toy poodle.  Katie couldn't keep her dog at her new place to guess what?  We are!  He is nice and very easy going.  Petie is kind of pissy about the whole thing but he WILL get over it!

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