October 26, 2009

Movie Reviews

I was able to watch two very good movies lately, of course at home,  haven't been to the theatre in YEARS. Slumdog Millionaire and 7 pounds. They were right up my alley. I love sad and weird and they definitely had that going for them. I've watched both of them more than once now. I'm kind of crushing on Slumdog right now. So sad and soul wrenching. I highly recommend you go watch these movies. Hopefully YOU can go out and enjoy yourself OR if you are like me...stay home and watch them while you do laundry, vacuum and match socks...well...I haven't matched the socks yet. ugh

We have our first football playoff game on Thursday.  Wednesday is supposed to be snowy.  Good, great, yayyyyy.  No matter.  The boys love to play in "weather".  Getting dirty is all part of the game.  I've learned how to dress in layers and take a blanket and THIS time I'm going to remember to bring good hot black coffee in a Shirley K's Coffee travel mug.  And maybe a little sumthin sumthin in it too.  8)

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