November 11, 2009

Bawls and Blueberry Poptarts!

[caption id="attachment_1888" align="alignleft" width="160" caption="Bawls"]Bawls[/caption]

And I'm watching a documentary on bird migration called, oddly, Winged Migration.  Doesn't

[caption id="attachment_1889" align="alignright" width="160" caption="Blueberry Poptarts"]Blueberry Poptarts[/caption]

that just sound like the total package?  I mean lets talk health spa breakfast here.   I just saw a grouse and holy moses I didn't know they spread out their tails like a turkey and made such a weird popping noise when they battled.  I mean...did you?  They are awesome.  Haven't you always wanted to know about birds that fly hundreds and thousands of miles.  Seriously...what's up with that?  And also, why can't our parrot take up migrating?  He needs to expand his horizons.  Live a little.  In other words...GET OUT!  Maybe I should open the window and see if he gets an urge.  The guy who is narrating this show sounds a little like Ricardo Montalban.  Remember Fantasy Island? That just adds to the general mystic of the show.  I'm waiting for a "little people" person to run out and point up at the sky and warble "Le Plane, Le Plane" and maybe he would then say, once he saw what he was really eyealling, "Le Arctic Tern, Le Arctic Tern", instead.

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