January 22, 2010

Slacka daisy winter blues or some thing like that

Haven't posted for awhile. No real reason. Maybe I'm using facebook more. Becoming less verbal. Speaking in short sentences. Trying to put everything into one little "status update" sentence. Every sentence a bit haiku like. The wave of the future...? I wonder. Many people might be happy my rambling nonsensical blog posts have become sporadic but what does that say about me? I hate the fact my posts are so clean lined and flat. I hope this isn't a change that sticks. I'm going to make an effort to blog a bit more. Play word scrabble a bit less. It's true. I'm addicted and driven to beat the high score of a friend on facebook. A score that seems to be unattainable. Somehow I can't believe that anyone can get so high a score without CHEATING!! Also, my daughter has a high score that is jabbing me in the side of my head where my speed typing has become lazy or nonexistent. Too competitive you ask? Yes. Absolutely. However...I may need an intervention as I often dream about words now. Wake myself up saying...RADIATE! and ERASER! and RESEARCHER! and run to the computer to see if I can find the "perfect game". That being the one in which I BEAT THE HIGH SCORE!
Well...almost time to get up now. Lucky for me I've been up for hours. Better go turn off the alarm and get ready to make the donuts...8) Or...maybe I could in a game of word scrabble.................

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