February 13, 2010

5 qualify for State Wrestling!

Upper: We have 5 boys who qualify for the state wrestling tournament. Yes!
Downer: None are mine...8(

Upper: My guys can now eat!
Downer: Track will not start for a few weeks.

Upper: I will not have to get so nervous watching my boys wrestle and worry about them getting injured or hurting someone.

Downer: Andrew (my senior)is done now. sigh
Upper: Andrew had two years of full wrestling and no injuries this season! Alec did not get inured nor did he injure anyone!

Downer: Alec has 2 more years left!
Upper: Alec has 2 more years left!

Upper: We are going to Omaha to watch our 5 qualifiers KICK SOME ASS!
Downer: We are only going to be gone for 3 days!

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