February 20, 2010


Imagine if you will this: I am floating in a vapor cloud. So it's hard to type, breathe or see. It's very hard to sleep. There are insolent, stanky clouds of farts poofing around this room. Boys are snoring and farting randomly and forcefully. Yes, I am at the State Wrestling Meet. Yes, I am trapped in a room ( small one at that) with my snoring hubby(God love him) and my two boys (stinky and ranky) and a friend of theirs...singing fart boy! My eyes are burning. My ears are aching. I want to scream and slap these stinky stanky snoring machines while shouting SHUT UP YOU SHIT HEADS!!! Is that wrong? Am I stepping over the line here? I don't think so...but I'm biassed...by "biassed" I do MEAN...BIG FAT BUTTED!! damn
My life is perfect! How's yours?

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