February 13, 2010

Pubes, in general BELONG IN YOUR PANTS!

Why is it every time I went into the public restroom today(5 times at least as I was at a wrestling tournament all day!) ... I saw pubic hair sitting happily, waving around in the breeze like a pussy willow on the brink of spring...on the rim of the toilet? AND it was NOT not my own!!! "PEOPLE!" I want to scream! "PEOPLE! Either shave it, tuck it in or CLEAN THE HELL UP AFTER YOU UTILIZE THE FACILITIES!" I don't get it. Why are people, I mean women who go to wrestling meets, losing pubes? Are they inflicted with thyroid disorders? Are they tugging on their too small undies and snagging their snatches? What the hell. Are you Gretel leaving crumbs to find your way? Are you marking your territory? What? Why? Don't you turn and look at the rim of the toilet before you leave the stall? Why do I have to clean up before AND after I use the toidy? Hells Bells...I see enough pubic hair on my OWN bathroom floor. I thought it was because I had a house full of hairy men! WTF are all those pubes doing in the WOMEN'S bathroom???!!! Please, clean up BEFORE I SEE YOU AGAIN!! I think you know who you are. gag



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