March 09, 2010

Just In Time For Easter!

My dog or I should say, my daughters dog, Noogie...smells bad. He's a cute little poodle and he smells bad. I don't mean your garden variety dog smell. It's a rank little scent. Not unlike shit. At first I thought he was just smelly cuz he ate cat crap occasionally. I fixed that little snack problem and yet the smell persisted. Then I wondered if he had an infection. No...seems to be just a smelly little basTURD. I have to learn to live with it. He smells like a butt hole peep would smell if there were such things as butt hole peeps.

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Lori Lou said...

Ok. Just a couple of things. I had a TON of your posts come through on my RSS feed today. That is really weird. I didn't know you were blogging anymore. But I'm glad you are because you always put a smile on my face!
Secondly, the dog stink. You may know this, I didn't, but some dogs get clogged anal glands, and this leads to a nasty smell. I think the vet can fix the problem temporarily.
Good luck! And thanks for writing!!