August 08, 2010

BP Wine, Dine & Tube O Rama

Not BP as in BP. BP as in bitch posse. Duh. I guess us old B's are going tubing down the Niobrara. LOL Whadda scene. I don't think I even own a swim suit anymore. Or shouldn't, I mean. My daughter just went last week and burned her bod into a dehydrated fire engine red crust. Can't wait. I'm going to bring a box of Ritz crackers and a box of wine for Toe Jeter. Last time we (BP) drank with her she passed out beside a Slat Asses Mothers pool on the grass and we stuffed her swim suit with Ritz crackers. She is just damn lucky we didn't have a camera nearby. I imagine she will be too scared to even drink this time.

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