September 16, 2010

Just Some Boring Ass Random Sentences...dont bother reading.

So many things to talk about. So long since I last posted. The pressure is great to remember it all. In other words...don't hold yer breath! Once again I'm awake and not asleep and the itty bitty hands on the freaking clock keep turning away!! Too late to pop the 1/2 tab of a sleeping pill I early to go to work OR to exercise. Yes I said exercise. I started that weirdness again. Just today. I almost barfed. P90X...about a year ago I did it for 45 days straight. All I remember about that is sweating alot and generally making the furniture rattle and things fall off the shelves...not pleasant. So you ask...why now...again...? Shoot I don't know. I am at my fattest and I feel like shit yet I love jelly beans and have not ONE FREAKING SHRED OF SELF CONTROL when I'm at the shop. When Connies is baking bread and there are donut balls laying around just waiting to be tapped into...I'm very very very weak people. I need to at least make a slight effort into "shaping up" ... I guess. Not sure why yet.. Sooo...I hope this is it.

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