January 16, 2013

I'm back from the great beyond!

...or not! I just happened onto my old forgotton blog and thought...what the hell...maybe I should try and "catch up". never mind easier to start over I think... Another sleepless night due in part to snoring husband and farting dog...or vice versa. I need to get up in 1.5 hours and be perky and driven to frost! I bet the donuts will be ugly today! Not to mention the "froster"! My good dog Petey sittin' beside me as I type. He's taken to "purring" lately when you pet his ears and face. odd, but then, he always has been. Our house is empty now as the boys are back at school and I sure miss my new little Benji boyo...(my brand new grandson). Daughter presented us with him on 12/12/12. Sweet birthday is it not? I cannot wait until I can smell his sweet fat baby neck and kiss his soft baby hair. sigh love at first sight for sure! I'm gonna make a pot of black as hell coffee and drink the pot before I get ready for work. It's going to be a long donkey ass day. hee haw

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