February 15, 2015

Thank you ladies! Lent fasting just got even MORE interesting!

Since Lent is just around the corner...here is something DISGUSTING that will make it even worse! I just saw that Helena Bonham Carter posed naked with a LARGE Tuna fish clasped tightly between her legs...to support the Blue Marine Foundation. Thank you Helena, as if I wasn't grossed out enough with a previous Fish story AND PICTURE of an opened tuna can with tiny eyes peering out of it...with this lovely headline..."Mom finds tongue eating parasite staring out of tuna can"!! http://www.wonderwall.com/movies/HelenaBonham-Carter-Poses-Nude-with-a-Tuna-1859489.story and ...there is this! http://www.examiner.com/article/parasite-tuna-mom-finds-tongue-eating-parasite-staring-out-of-tuna-can