July 22, 2017

Who's In Charge Here?

I just got onto my blog and read some old posts...hahaha omg....who was I? Was that really me? My how the years change...OR NOT! Pissin' Petie is still...pissin' petie! Damn his hide! Since he is old now and has fewer teeth (random note...I found one laying in the entryway just the other day...I don't think it was mine)we started buying "soft" food. WEll, I WAS fixing him eggs, bacon and leftover meat from the shop into a gorgeous omlette everytime he looked at me with his begging eyes, but that came to a screeching halt when he began getting enormous and begging everytime I came into the room....Mark said...time for soft food. yuck That crap is gross...don't know how he eats it...but worse? It's even GROSSER when he has an accident which he did sometime this morning!! aghhhhhhhhh I'm ready to rip my carpet out...omg....I've been steam cleaning since 7 am and I still don't feel like I got it out. In other news: today, Andrew turns 26 and is off our insurance. He is celebrating by working out cuz he now pays for his own and gets compensated for being healthy. woo hooo! I don't remember what I did when I turned 26 but you can bet it didn't involve being healthy. On that note I better go make some eggs...or find a pop tart!

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